The Sanctuary: Origins - Issue 1

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“It’s the mid 90’s and I live on a council estate in Northampton, UK, it’s the evening and I’m walking to the local corner shop to buy booze - good old White Lightening & MD 20/20 for a house party I’m having with friends. 

Then a large book 📖 in the bushes by the gravel path catches my eye. It’s rather ornate - like a spellbook. I bend down to look at it and pick it up opening the pages to find strange writing and drawings of dragons among other things. Suddenly the amethyst on my necklace I'm wearing starts glowing, and the book flashes purple and a portal opens up in front of me. I drop the book but before it even hits the ground both me and the book get sucked into the portal…

The next thing I know I’m laying on the ground in a completely different location, as I open my eyes I see planets 🪐 as well as 2 moons 🌙 in the sky… “

Follow Becki on her hero's journey on a strange new world, to discover why she is there and how to get home.

  • A 13 Page PDF File Comic Book

  • Size
    86.1 MB
  • Length
    16 pages
  • A 13 Page PDF File Comic Book
  • Size86.1 MB
  • Length16 pages
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The Sanctuary: Origins - Issue 1

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